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The basics of buying or selling a house in Scotland are roughly the same as in England and the pressures and anxiety surrounding such a transaction – probably the biggest any of us will ever be involved in - are the same no matter where you live.

A solicitor offering integrated estate agency services is probably a better option for buyers and sellers in Scotland. It's also usually far simpler and quicker using a Scottish-based solicitor if you are moving from Scotland to England rather than a conveyancer based south of the border for the same transaction.

Some suggest that the Scottish system is superior to the English one (‘gazumping’ is virtually unknown in Scotland for example) but the truth is both have their advantages and drawbacks.

Here you will find background information and an explanation of the process of buying or selling a house as well as answers to some frequently asked questions and some practical advice.


This information that may be contained in these pages does not constitute any form of recommendation by us. You should not rely upon it in making any decisions or taking or refraining from taking any action. If you have more specific queries concerning the buying or selling of a house or any related issue please contact us on 0131 270 8118 or email We will be pleased to give you specific legal advice tailored to your own unique circumstances.